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Are you Charging Correctly?

Suzanne Headington, Hazlewoods


From energy companies to food suppliers, everyone seems to be putting up their prices, but have you? Or are you concerned your current prices are already putting off your clients?

Using the results of the SPVS 2022 Fees and Profitability surveys, Suzanne Headington will demonstrate the way in which you approach pricing is critical to your practice’s ability to thrive. It impacts your clients’ decisions about their animals’ care and the financial success of your business.

There are, however, numerous approaches to setting pricing, so Suzanne will then review the most effective strategy to do so and explain how best to implement this for your own practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognising the importance of charging correctly for your practice
  2. Understanding the best pricing strategy for your practice
  3. The results of the SPVS 2022 Fees and Profitability surveys

Session run time: 20minutes

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