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Effective Feedback Through “Disruptive Engagement”

Jenny Guyat, Vet Harmony


How effective or enjoyable are the current employee feedback practices in your workplace – if they happen at all?

The benefits of effective feedback are well-known and much discussed, with many articles available on the WHO and HOW of giving feedback in practice, so why is it that many practices still find it hard to implement these processes successfully and effectively?

The reason is that the processes alone do not help us deal with the uncomfortable feelings that inevitably arise in us when either giving or receiving feedback.

Cultivating and maintaining a culture of learning, growth and creativity in practice is often accompanied by uncomfortable conversations hence the term ‘disruptive engagement’.

Paradoxically however, a practice that fosters the ability within its team members to tolerate the discomfort needed for these vital interactions achieves a culture that is significantly less stressful, more compassionate, more effective and way more engaged.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the neurobiological reasons why giving feedback as managers make us feel vulnerable and how we tend to self-protect in this area
  2. Understanding the vet profession-specific challenges we need to take into consideration in relation to feedback
  3. Five transformational processes to pick and choose from to work through with your team that will allow you to start a feedback revolution in your practice that can change your workplace culture

Session run time: 1hour

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