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Emotionally intelligent vet teams – difficult conversations made easier

Olivia Oginska, Vet Gone Real


Difficult dialogues are the crucial part of the everyday life of a veterinary clinic. Bad prognosis, negative feedback, managing incivility – these are just the examples of the challenging conversations that significantly impact team’s psychological safety, as well as the financial success of the clinic. For most veterinary professionals, such interactions can be a daunting challenge. This session will introduce the topic of emotional intelligence, present its practical application in a veterinary setting and teach how to use EQ to improve communication and create a healthy workplace culture.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will discover, understand and put into practice:

  1. The impact of communication and positive social connections on the psychological safety of the veterinary team
  2. The mechanism behind the “crucial conversations”
  3. The elements of emotional intelligence
  4. The practical use of emotional intelligence in a veterinary setting
  5. The role of emotional intelligence in managing difficult conversations
  6. The ways to expand EQ and become human-savvy in communication with peers, leaders and clients – to be practiced in the workshop

Session run time: 50minutes

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