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Exiting practice on your terms

Simon Biles, Moore Scarrott


Deciding how best to exit a practice that you have usually spent the majority of your professional career helping to build and develop can be a daunting decision.  It is generally only a decision you get to make once and often needs time and planning to ensure it is the right decision for both you and the practice.  The pressure of making that decision, and the potential consequences of making the wrong choice, can often lead to ‘decision paralysis’ resulting in no action being taken, which can often more damaging to the practice in the longer term.

In this session Simon will provide an overview of some of the options available when exiting a practice, what needs to be planned in the years ahead of that point, and other considerations based on his experience of assisting practices and individuals through this process.

Simon Biles is a Director at Moore Scarrott Veterinary, a firm of accountants focussed solely on the veterinary sector dealing with in excess of 300 independent practices across the UK. Simon advises practices on a wide range of areas including, partner buy-ins and exits, practice restructuring, buying and selling practices and many other areas of running a successful veterinary practice.

Recording from webinar held on Tuesday 13th December 2022
Session run time: 50minutes

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