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Implementing Flexible Working in Practice: The future is now

Silvia Janska, Flexee & Rachel Ryle, NHS Flexible Lead


The veterinary profession is increasingly unable to sustain itself. 37% of vets are actively thinking about leaving the profession. The mental ill-health crisis, coupled with increasing feminisation, means that flexible working is urgently needed to create a sustainable workforce for the future. There is a strong need to establish healthy working practices. When asked what one thing vets would change about their current job, working hours came in first place.

So, what can be done about this? Flexible workability in clinical practice is key to creating a more engaged and sustainable workforce. Personalised work flexibility helps workers to fulfil their individual responsibilities and may result in improved work-life balance.

Silvia Janska will be joined by Rachel Ryle, NHS Flexible Lead to consider the many ways in which working more flexibly benefits individuals, builds unified teams, sustains a profitable business, and ensures happy patients. The follow-on workshop session shares learnings and explores solutions to overcoming the main barriers to flexible working.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the challenges of implementing flexible working in clinical practice
  2. Discover what the veterinary profession can learn from the NHS about flexible working
  3. Recognise how research about flexible working can be turned into action in practice

Session run time: 40minutes

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