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Languages of Appreciation: the best retention tool ever

Major (retd) Cathie Gregg, Gregglangues Communication and Management


In the competitive climate of today’s veterinary profession, retaining staff and encouraging them to recruit their friends to your company has never been so challenging. This one management tool is proven to be so powerful, it can revolutionise a company’s ability to retain and recruit staff in less than a year, it improves productivity and morale and will certainly contribute to a company’s status as an employer of choice. It also impacts on the social abilities and personal lives of staff, improving their morale and reducing the mental stress of their working environment.

Sounds to good to be true? The 5 Languages of Appreciation is becoming one of the key training tools for small businesses to large corporations and state organisations on both sides of the Atlantic. It is taught in schools, businesses, the military and state institutions in the USA, UK and Europe. This training changes lives and businesses.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Awareness of the principle of different languages of appreciation
  2. Awareness of the uses of this training
  3. Workshop to analyse the individual’s language of appreciation

Session run time: 40minutes

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