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Leadership Actions and Their Effect on Veterinary Practice Culture

Dave Nicol, VetX International & Roundwood Vets


For better or worse, leaders are the source of workplace culture; however, the specific leadership actions that directly affect culture have not been properly identified in veterinary practices. In 2021 VetX International Leadership and Culture Study was performed to determine if leadership practices, commonly identified as important factors in building workplace culture, have a measurable impact in the vet practice setting.

In this session, Dr Dave Nicol shares the findings & zeros in on four critical leadership activities those concerned with culture should focus on to improve results.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Build awareness of the link between culture and practice performance
  2. Learn four important leadership activities and how they measurably improve culture
  3. Assess their own practice performance in each of these areas in order to formulate an action plan to improve culture

Session run time: 40minutes

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