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Talking in Practice to Thrive in Practice

Rachel Dean, VetPartners


Psychological safety at work is critical for the high performing team and for maintaining a healthy clinical culture in veterinary workplaces. The opportunity to question current practice, share new ideas, raise concerns, and talk about error without the fear of retribution is critical for team performance and for optimising clinical outcomes.

Well-structured clinical meetings through to repeated cycles of audit provide a chance for everyone to talk about the good, the not so good and the ugly aspects of clinical practice. These key Quality Improvement activities can improve the wellbeing, clinical confidence and security of clinical team members. By talking about and understanding how good we are at what we do and accepting that things go wrong sometimes and dealing with them in a healthy way helps us thrive.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand how clinical meetings and other QI activities in practice can improve team performance
  2. Design some clinical activities to benefit your team’s wellbeing
  3. Explain the benefits of such activities to the whole clinical team

Session run time: 45minutes

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