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The “Bear” Necessities of Leadership: The importance of values and understanding behaviour

Paul Fox, Randilow


Join Paul as he explains the importance of values and understanding behaviours in developing a confident and effective team culture to release dormant potential in your business. Every day we face another challenge and different opportunities, how do we lead our teams, grow skill sets and resilience to overcome problems and harness the full potential of our teams? Great leaders create passion and motivate people to use and grow their confidence and skills to become high functioning teams. Creating teams where people can be positive and creative and demonstrate self-determination in problem solving and be constructive in dissent does not happen by accident. At the heart of this is the alignment of the core values of the individuals and the business, the understanding of people’s behavioural styles and the ability to remove the barriers to effective communication in the team. When positive values are aligned, and people communicate effectively and work in an environment of mutual trust and respect the opportunity is created to work in a new reality which can release dormant potential in your business.

Learning Outcomes

  1. A better understanding of the relevance of value lead leadership
  2. A better understanding of individual and team behaviours
  3. A better understanding of how to grow a creative, curious well-connected team with a great team culture

Session run time: 30minutes

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