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The Power of Positivity: Embrace positivity and cultivate your resilience

Jamie Crittall, Virtual Recall


Like all successful entrepreneurs Jamie is Mr Positive – both in work and life in general – but life isn’t always plain sailing. Jamie will explore how he believes his positive world view has enabled him to overcome and succeed when faced with the most dire business situations. And, how each experience has built his inner resilience.

Wellbeing is more important than ever, and everyone in the vet industry needs to nurture it. Positive feedback loops can alleviate those key areas of stress for you and let you pay it forward in kind to your team. Fostering a positive mindset and work culture, ultimately leads to better growth and customer service for your business. A win, win, win.

Learning Outcomes

  1. How you can cultivate resilience through positivity
  2. Proactively help your team with positive feedback loops
  3. Boost your business decision-making skills

Session run time: 20minutes

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