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Thriving as a Leader

Carolyne Crowe, VDS Training


Do you want to have a happy and motivated team? One that is full of energy, enthusiasm and passion for their work? How much time do you focus on creating this and the conditions that enable this for your team? And how does that compare to the amount of time and energy you focus on creating this for yourself?

Does this seem an impossible task-work commitments, other people’s needs and demands take priority, there is always something that prevents you from focusing on your own energy levels, your time and your ability to thrive. In this session we will focus on how you can take back control and think about the elements needed so you can thrive as a leader of your team, no matter what else is happening or what you are being asked to do.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify what you need present (and omitted!) to thrive in your role
  2. Learn how to take practical steps to create the working environment that enables you to thrive at work
  3. Identify boundaries, support networks and strategies to be the role model you want and need to be to lead your team positively and with energy now and in the future

Session run time: 30minutes

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