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What can a vet practice do to minimise burnout for the team

Cara de Lange, Softer Success


Following feedback taken from Congress, and to support you and your vet practice with solutions for greater wellbeing, Cara de Lange, burnout expert and CEO of wellbeing consultancy Softer Success ®, will be running an interactive, informal, science backed CPD session on how to maintain sustainable performance during busy times and practical tips to avoid burnout for you and your practice. This session will be interwoven with energizers and micro wellness.

Burnout is creating a crisis for vet practices.  Increased demands and external uncertainty are resulting in low productivity.  And while our understanding of burnout has changed, the latest research from Softer Success® and Sheffield University reveals a new, greater risk.

Learning Outcomes

  • The science: Softer Success newest and ground-breaking research on burnout and business wellbeing
  • How to rewire your brain to deal with uncertainty
  • How to incorporate wellbeing as a business goal in your vet practice
  • Solutions for a sustainable and healthy practise
  • Energy restoration: 3 steps to restoring energy during challenging times
  • The 7 types of REST we ALL need

Session run time: 1hour

Cara de Lange
Cara de Lange is a specialist in the science of burnout. A visionary author, wellbeing consultant and corporate futurist, she founded Softer Success® to provide evidence-backed burnout solutions for businesses to change the way we work. Working with the world’s top universities, researchers and psychologists, she created the ground-breaking, anonymous wellbeing assessment ‘A Walk Through the Forest‘, which can diagnose the risk of workplace burnout and toxicity in 90 seconds.

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