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Your time is invaluable: Let your technology support the efficiencies of your practice

Jack Peploe, Veterinary IT Services


Day to day we reschedule, juggle, and manage our lives for our own best interests, so why should our professional schedule feel so unruly when it doesn’t need to be? The thought of full reliance on technology is enough to make some vets shudder, but what if we change the word reliance to independence? Technology can provide independence; it can empower you and your practice. Through correct onboarding to feel supported with the systems you use day in, day out, to streamlining processes and integrations that affect your client journey and the health of your patients. Technology is more than a hindrance, its here to stay and it’s here to help, it will ensure efficiencies within your practice, empower your team, and deliver unrivalled happy clients and healthier patients, and I’ll take you through exactly how.

Learning Outcome:

Learn what technology foundations your practice requires to support the efficiencies it’s capable of.
The power of outsourcing for our practice.
How to Automate the mundane, relieving unnecessary pressure on your team.

Session run time: 45minutes

Jack is a Veterinary IT Expert and Certified Ethical Hacker, who has worked alongside the veterinary sector since he set up his first business aged 16. He has made it his mission to help veterinary practices across the UK utilise their technology so that they can function in a secure, professional, and efficient manner, leaving vets to focus on patient care.

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